Admission format: interview

Algorithm of admission, bachelors, 2nd year:

  1. A student fills in the form,
  2. solves one of the following tasks,
  3. makes an opinion about the work performed by the students of the department,
  4. on the appointed date, makes a three-minute report on the task and on the topic or work of interest,
  5. is waiting for the decision of the dean’s office on the distribution to the department.

The interview procedure from the point of view of the department teachers:

1.Gathering the whole group of those wishing to enter the department,

  1. Listen to a short report of each participant,
    • “solving a test problem”,
    • “my goals for admission to the department” on the material of student works of the department,
  2. Ask questions, look at the questionnaire,
  3. Draw up a ranked list of applicants, publish [by the link here] and send it to the dean’s office, close the reception.

The Master admission procedure:

  1. A student fills the form,
  2. sends a request to mlalgorithms at gmail
  3. parts interview with
    • BS thesis,
    • topics and results of the students scientific works at the department,
    • mathematics of the BS programme: algebra, analysis, probability (functional analysis and measure theory included)

Test problems (2022 and earlier)

Link – the spring of 2023 will be published here

Check the your basic abilities, spring 2023

Chapters 1, 2, 3 from the Pen and Paper Exercises in Machine Learning by Michael U. Gutmann

Tips for solving problems (these are just tips, not directions)

Report topics for discussion