The course is devoted to modern methods of constructing complex neural network architectures and choosing optimal structures.


Самостоятельная работа

The laboratory work consists in the study of the architecture search method. The first job is to analyze a ready-made method, the second job is to propose and program your own method. The work report is a page of text with a formal description of the method with sufficient detail for code recovery and error analysis (basic criteria complexity, stability, accuracy). The interface to the class is fixed and common to everyone, as are the selections. There is a general table with the results, and a private error analysis of each method.


A total of 10 points, two points for answering questions during lectures, four points each for two laboratory work. It is not the accuracy of the approximation that is evaluated, but the quality of the code and error analysis.

Требуемые знания

Machine learning, deep learning, Bayesian model selection.