Image Processing and Recognition


The course is based on mathematical methods of pattern recognition used for the analysis and classification of images in computer vision systems. Image transformations are considered in order to generate feature descriptions. The methods of point, spatial geometric, algebraic and inter-frame image processing are studied. Methods of feature generation based on the decomposition of images by basic functions, statistical analysis of image texture, as well as image shape analysis are considered. Methods of construction of metrics for image comparison (comparison of spectral decompositions, overlay and alignment of images) are considered. And also questions of application of the studied methods in applied problems of computer vision. The tasks of text recognition in document images, the tasks of biometric identification of an individual by the texture of the iris, by the shape of the palm, fingerprint, face profile are considered.



Homeworks on image processing and classification.


The assessment is based on the results of laboratory work and an oral exam.


Machine learning, linear algebra.